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The Drippers - Action Rock

by Nathan Fidler Rating:8 Release Date:2019-08-02
The Drippers - Action Rock
The Drippers - Action Rock

Despite a name which would make you think of a dreary drippy kind of music, The Drippers do nothing of the sort. Fully embracing the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, the Swedish rockers give everyone a run for their money with their debut album Action Rock.

Going with a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin approach, this album is full tilt and goes a mile a minute. Full of energy from the beginning, ‘(Ain’t No) Shangri-La’ pumps the bends and barks an infectious chorus to tense your neck to. With 11 songs coming in at a total running time of 28 minutes, you’ll need to strap yourself in.

If you took their fellow countrymen, The Hives, doused them in booze, tousled their hair and told them to play grubby you might get close to ‘White Light’, but what we’re really dealing with is a band influenced by the likes of The Stooges and MC5, putting their pedals to overdrive and spraying the licks around.

‘Bottled Blues’ borrows a little too heavily from the Motorhead playbook; gruff, simple lyrics with licks dotted between choral chants, but it’s just one of the plays they make and shouldn’t take away from what is an exceptionally solid and enjoyable hard rock album. You’ll jig, nod along and hopefully pull off a bit of air guitar, which is usually the only thing this type of band wants - they want to bring you fast, hard thrills.

Clearly, they only have one setting for pace, but it would drag the whole thing down if they attempted anything too corny and acoustic. While there are bends and hot licks, traditional solos are sparse. ‘Day Turns To Night’ culminates in one, but presumably only having three band members makes it slightly harder to implement a heavy riff as well as a full-blown solo - or possibly they just find that sort of thing too pretentious.

If high energy isn’t what you’re after, you’ll likely want to turn off or tune out after the first track, but should you get to the end with energy to spare, then simply start over again.

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