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Ami Dang - Parted Plains

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2019-08-02
Ami Dang - Parted Plains
Ami Dang - Parted Plains

Coming up with albums of Indian music, even those that were coming up with a one that was crossing borders with Western genres, like those of sitarist Anoushka Shankar, was mostly in the domain of musicians coming from India itself. Exceptions like George Harrison only proved the rule.

Of course, nothing wrong with that, and quite a few of those albums, like those of aforementioned Anoushka had serious merits. But what was usually the case was that either the Indian or Western musical elements took a lead, or better say, they sounded a bit better than the other set of musical elements.

Sitarist Ami (short for Amiâs) Dang is of Indian origin, a Sikh-American born and raised in Baltimore and as Parted Plains, her sophomore album amply shows she is able to equally combine both the tradition of the classical Indian music and more Western musical forms, particularly the use of electronics.

Throughout the album, Dang is bound on creating soundscapes that combine Indian music structures and electronics which are particularly effective when she electronically modulates her sitar, like on “Make Enquiry”. And while she seems to know her Indian melody and rhythm structures, she doesn’t limit those just to classical Indian music, but also the more modern Punjabi and Bollywood stuff. Particularly impressive is "Sohni", which does exactly what its name says, constantly raising and lowering the heat factor.

On the other hand, her knowledge of electronic music does not lag behind in any way, tracks like “Bopoluchi” and “Stockholm Syndrome” sound as if inspired by analogue synth classics like those Seventies Beaver & Krause albums.

What Dang is particularly successful at is that no point do either her sitar or electronic embellishments sound like an oil and water combination, but as something that was bound to sound in unison all along. An achievement that has rarely been done so far, making Parted Plains an album that sounds like a set of good sounding ambient soundscapes it was obviously intended to be.

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