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Francis Lung - A Dream Is U

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:10 Release Date:2019-08-02
Francis Lung - A Dream Is U
Francis Lung - A Dream Is U

It is all about dreams with the debut album by Francis Lung, this seemingly unassuming multi-instrumentalist from Manchester (formerly of the band Wu Lyf). Not only is the album titled A Dream Is U, but the opening track goes by the title of “I Wanna Live In My Dreams”. No dream word in other titles, but everything seems and sounds dreamy. After all, Lung himself said that he’s single-handedly trying to incite Beatlemania.

And he is. Not just because he plays most of the instruments on the album himself (excluding strings and sax), but it is that feeling. But he doesn’t take Beatlemania, The Beatles or their music literally. He picks up on the music that inspired them say, the opener which is all Phil Spector with a damped down echo chamber, but also the music that The Beatles inspired like the almost perfect take on The Left Banke chamber pop of “Comedown” or the title track Jeff Lynne would be proud of on any of his guises, The Move or ELO.

Sounds like Lung has too many inspirations to be original? Well, first of all, the music on A Dream Is U is so good it would really make no difference. But even more importantly, Lung just doesn’t simply pick up a musical template to retrace the steps of The Beatles or anybody else whose records he played incessantly. He has immersed himself so much in these sounds that what comes out, like the radio-friendly “Up & Down,” that it simply sounds so familiar and so new at the same time. Oh, and by the time you reach the closing of the album, those opening dreamy lyrics start turning a bit sour...

Somebody characterized good pop music as the art of refined repetition. Could be, but then it could be not. When it sounds as good as Francis Lung’s A Dream Is U, it makes no difference. Watch this one turn into one of those unassuming classics.

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I really like this and look forward to diving in when it is released.

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