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Dude York - Falling

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5 Release Date:2019-07-26
Dude York - Falling
Dude York - Falling

Having had their fun with a Christmas album, Dude York return to the serious business of alt-rock for their fourth album. More switching between male and female-driven vocals, more intensity in the subject matter.

The muted picking of ‘Longest Time’ and Claire England’s clear melody is both the opener and the highlight of the album. It’s both playful but retains the chugging guitars - which burst to life over halfway through - and sums up the band nicely when they’re at their best.

Moving through the album you get the sense that the songs where England is leading the vocals, as opposed to Peter Richards, are the stronger efforts. Songs like ‘How It Goes’ where Richards strives for moody but comes over dreary, make for fairly pedestrian songs caught somewhere between alt and indie. On ‘Box’, in the opening lines, you get the sense he’s ripped off The Killers and thinks he’s gotten away with it - it ultimately passes into something more reminiscent of The Cure, but it leaves a bad taste. ‘Only Wish’ is Richards’ best appearance, fitting his malaise in with a pulsing bassline and hits of dramatic synth.

Attempting to work your way through this album, unless you’re fully attuned to the mood they’re playing for, can be a tiresome task. ‘I’m the 1 4 U’ attempts to inject some fun into the proceedings but ultimately is repetitive and feels like there was meant to be a bigger idea involved. ‘Should’ve’ works better in this sense, providing pace, menace and stifled riffs before blooming with a simple chorus - a similar style deployed by touring buddies of Dude York, Bully.

When ‘Unexpected’ hits, it’s a welcome alternative to the rest of the album, offering a more pop-punk angle to their sound, helped forward by energetic drumming and commitment to the part of the insecure lover by England. ‘Doesn’t Matter’ initially promises a more intimate feeling acoustic track, but removes that dimension to the band when a wide flange effect takes hold of the guitar.

Dude York feel like a band with potential, with plenty of energy and passion for delivering their sound. When the vision is crystal clear their music they can sit comfortably amongst their peers rocking the alternative label, but unfortunately, a lot of the tracks feel and sound the same. More variety in approaches to songs and more Claire England would surely deliver a more electrifying album.

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