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My Octopus Mind - Maladyne Cave

by Benjamin Lee Rating:7 Release Date:2019-07-10
My Octopus Mind - Maladyne Cave
My Octopus Mind - Maladyne Cave

From the very first listen it is clear that a lot of work has gone into this album. It takes you on a journey rich in tone and expression, it’s shifting momentum delivering light and shade in equal measures, beguiling in parts and boisterous in others.

In this breadth of textures and rhythms, it defies what a three-piece band commonly create, and immerses you in a vast soundscape capable of communicating its messages. Without dwelling on the themes too much, it’s worth addressing their intentions to see if it works. There are certainly parallels between the dystopian world of human greed and consumerism they mention, and the dark shifting moods present in many tracks. The energy and musicianship carry the message forward, with instrumental and vocal embellishments punctuating this in varying degrees.

The first few tracks reveal the band's ability to build and resolve tension with finely tuned vocals, strings, deft percussion and well-integrated bass. On “Come Through Me Now” Liam O’Connell’s vocals are almost Rojer Watersesque, with the menace and vocabulary to match. His voice, with the backing vocals, are utilised masterfully throughout: soft and delicate in parts, howling and dark in others.

My favourite track “My Dystopia” has each verse slowly gathering pace with articulate drumming, guitars, violins and powerful vocals, before easing off, enabling time to reflect on the melody and the anchor it provides.

Apart from the vocals in Mocha Narwal, which don’t quite seem to fit, “Maladyne Cave” is a cohesive album of depth and intrigue. Its breadth is challenging at times but remains compelling and evocative. You can easily conjure a live performance, which is a compliment indeed.

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