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The Aints! - Play The Saints '73-'78

by Kevin Orton Rating:6 Release Date:2019-07-05
The Aints! - Play The Saints '73-'78
The Aints! - Play The Saints '73-'78

In the early 70’s Ed Keupper formed the Saints with Chris Bailey. The Brisbane based band’s debut single, ‘(I’m) Stranded’ went on to establish them as Australia’s first “Punk” band. With their buzzsaw guitar and fuck you attitude they went on to influence a host of bands including the Birthday Party. Their single hit the market before the Sex Pistols and Clash, some critics giving them credit for beating both bands to the punch. And maybe they did, but they certainly did not establish or drive the UK Punk scene the way those two bands did. However, they most certainly pumped some much-needed blood into the anaemic Australian music scene, changing the face of it and opening doors for other bands. Their debut album remains a fierce and potent artefact.  

Keupper went on to front Laughing Clowns and host of other projects in a solo career that can only be described as prolific. He initially formed the Aints! in the early 90's to capture the energy of late 70’s Saints. The name deriving from the fact that the “S” was worn off their drum kit back in the Saints' heyday. Keupper later added an “!” and released an album featuring self-penned material the Saints never recorded. As for this live release, it features classic Saints material and other works. And it rocks. That said, it's for fans of Keupper, not necessarily fans of the Saints. It’s a nice document and showcase of Keupper’s formidable talents. Ed and his band, blasting it out Crazy Horse style.  Complete with horns and a little Jazz piano. This is Keupper taking on  ‘(I’m) Stranded’, ‘Perfect Day’, ‘Know Your Product’ and ‘Night In Venice’ to name a few. So if you’re a die-hard Keupper fan, this one’s for you. If a Saints fan, it's more of an all-star tribute band featuring a key player.  

Personally, this seems far more at home at the merch table at live shows than on the record buying market. In terms of giving it a write-up, there's not much to say other than there's nothing to complain about here. Nor anything to get excited about either. Unless you're a Keupper completist. Which is a worthy enterprise, since he's a living legend and one hell of a talent.  

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