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Plastic Crimewave Syndicate - Massacre Of The Celestials

by Sean Hewson Rating:10 Release Date:2019-06-14
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate - Massacre Of The Celestials
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate - Massacre Of The Celestials

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate on Cardinal Fuzz is a heady combination. Massacre Of The Celestials sees the trio of Plastic Crimewave (Steven Krakow), Kosmik Jru and Jose Bernal joined by Taralie Peterson on sax for more howling space trash.

Krakow starts Bound To Seek with a typically moronic riff before all the lads crash in and the bellowing begins. Three-note verses are split with wah-wah throwdowns until the dismantling of a guitar passes for a solo. Their closest relatives on this are Anthroprophh at their most Notting Hill Speed Freak. As with Anthroprophh, the vocals are not going to get anyone spinning on The Voice, but no one gives a shit because the whole is such a black hole. Absolutely belting – no control and no let-up. Next! Kosmik Jru ushers in the groovier Cog In A Wheel on bass and Peterson makes her first appearance splashing Free Jazz all the over the spacier arrangement. Krakow’s voice and guitar are lower in the mix, letting Peterson dominate over the bubbling wah-wah. The Detroit sounds of The Stooges and the MC5 come to mind whenever the Free Jazz comes out but PCS are an even looser prospect and it also has a bit of the impromptu feeling of ESP-Disk releases from the same time. It’s back to an all-out assault on Nest Of Vipers. The pace is slow and considered but the wah-wah is on and the chords are being hammered home. Again, Kosmik Jru’s bass-line is a funky creeper whilst Bernal crashes around his kit. Audio Generators whirl about like a widely out of control Hawkwind but the rhythm section have found a Free Funk groove and keep it together. Pierce The Veil starts with a minute of phased tremolo, like an over-caffeinated Sonic Boom. The rhythm section then lay down another of their monster grooves, the wah-wah comes out and we’re off again. Eight minutes of dark mutterings and a deeply psychedelic A Place To Bury Strangers/Spacemen 3 collision. I’m pretty sure that they lose their way at some point but you could equally argue that there is no agreed way and they pull it all together anyway. Peterson is back for the insane funk of Lot Lizard Genocide. With Krakow’s spoken word delivery they are a bit nearer to Endless Boogie, but they have replaced that band’s relatively tidy soloing with skronk and noise. The Vessel has a nice skipping/stumbling beat over which Peterson, Krakow and Kosmik Jru try for everything all at once. Our holiday in insanity finishes with Hell’s Crown Boogie, and it is a genuine boogie with a walking bass-line. Like Anthroprophh and Endless Boogie, PCD have taken a love of unloved 70s freakout/burnouts like Sweet Slag and Magic Muscle and taken it even further out there towards the wild abandon of the Japanese Psychedelic Speed Freaks like Acid Mother’s Temple or Mainliner.

I love this stuff. 10/10 all the way. Plastic Crimewave is a legend and so are his mates. As my friend Martin says after someone has let off a particularly toxic emission in his studio – you might want to check that.

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