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Night Moves - Can You Really Find Me

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:9 Release Date:2019-06-28
Night Moves - Can You Really Find Me
Night Moves - Can You Really Find Me

Two questions right off - who’s afraid of the pop version of Fleetwood Mac and who is sick of that Mamas & Papas chestnut “California Dreaming”? Based on their second album Can You Really Find Me, John Pelant and Micky Alfano who go under the name of Night Moves, neither shy away from Mac’s more or less perfect pop and probably slip on “California Dreaming” into whatever music system they use at least once a day.

After all, they do come from (and still live and work) in Minnesota, known not to be one of the warmest places around. At least most of the year. As Pelant, who seems to take the lead in the duo’s songwriting puts it, “I think it's this type of environment that helps me feel focused. Zero distractions. Focused in a way where I can tap into certain emotions. I think some of the best music transports you to a place in time where your memories become potent visualizations. When writing closed off like this, you can see the images easily and your brain will pick the right chords and tones and guide you where you ought to go. I think being alone during that type of hibernation season is a great space in which to create.”

Quite a bold statement, but let me tell you, Night Moves, have sussed out, maybe out of their consciousness some perfect summer stuff here - songs like “Recollections”, "Keep Me In Mind”, “Strands Align”, frankly any here, are perfect summer stuff, no wonder they are issuing Can You Really Find Me this time of the year!

Labelling Night Moves copycats, would be a complete lapse of judgement, the guys have picked up their Fleetwood Mac, Brian Wilson, Mamas & Papas, Todd Rundgren (you can stretch the list with a few more names by listening closely) cues almost to perfection, or if you wish, like Lemon Twigs with less musical twists and turns. And they are neither better or worse for it, just equally good. After all, being inspired by somebody else’s music could be an essential element of pop, it is just a question of how good you are, and Night Moves are excellent.

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