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Yeasayer - Erotic Reruns

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:9 Release Date:2019-06-07
Yeasayer - Erotic Reruns
Yeasayer - Erotic Reruns

It seems everybody loved Yeasayer’s debut album All Hour Cymbals, particularly ‘old psych’ lovers, the band initially recalling everybody from The Byrds to Deep Purple. Suddenly, from there on, the electronics and dance beats started to appear, and a lot of flak started flying the band’s way.

Yes, there was an obvious change, but frankly, most of those disappointed fans didn’t bother to answer two questions - is a band you like ‘allowed’ to change and second, was the change any good? Through the three albums that followed, Yeasayer gave a ‘yea’ answer to both of those questions, but as if they have reached some kind of a fan plateau, not going beyond the ‘respected’ and ’strong fan base’ platitudes from the press.

Quite unfair, and Erotic Reruns, their latest album goes on to prove it. The first thing that could be noticed is that the beats and dance rhythms are here to stay. Whoever has a problem with that, should probably stay away. What they will be missing is the fact that Yeasayer never gave up on their psych roots, the harmonies and changes on tracks like “People I Loved”, “Blue Skies Dandelions” and “Let Me Listen in on You” are there to prove it. They are now simply able to make a good sounding combination of both their musical tendencies, making them work together the right way.

What also becomes obvious is the fact that Yeasayer is quite passionate about the things around them, as the album was being written and recorded around the 2016 US elections and their outcome. You get everything from ever-present surveillance (“Let Me Listen in on You”) to the firing of the FBI chief (“Blue Skies Dandelions”) to Trump’s advisers (“24 Hateful Live!”), but all wrapped up in dance grooves and vocal harmonies. And it all works.

With Erotic Reruns Yeasayer confirm that they know exactly what and why they are doing it, and most importantly, they are doing it well. Those that gave up on them should re-examine.

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