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Swimming Tapes - Morningside

by Nathan Fidler Rating:7 Release Date:2019-05-24
Swimming Tapes - Morningside
Swimming Tapes - Morningside

Setting out their stall on their first full-length album, Swimming Tapes bring their laid back, shimmery guitar pop and plaster it all over Morningside. From London, they don their short-sleeved shirts and shades to deliver a slice of coolness for your summer.

Sometimes the stylistic choice to keep things simple makes you dull, but for Swimming Tapes, it’s a call back to the easy, sweet swing of 80s jangle pop which keeps things moving. Songs might feel like they blend into one at times, but this is just the easy-going nature of what they’re offering you.

Beside the pool in the heat of the sun, songs like ‘Keep Her Closer’ and ‘Say It Isn’t So’ are a cool breeze and a welcome one at that. This is music to stick on when you’re doing nothing, going nowhere and feeling good about it.

‘Passing Ships’ might be the one track to sum this band up, with breathy, melodic verses which a clean guitar follows the pattern of. Meanwhile, more guitars strum easily in the background, all of which is touched up with a slight glisten.

On ‘It Gets Old’ you feel like this could be a Whitney side-project, such is the sweetness of the tune. “Every time I come over you’re away, it gets old” should highlight to you that these aren’t going to be groundbreaking lyrics but there is a relatable sense of a carefree attitude in the delivery.

‘Mirador’ is as animated as Swimming Tapes get, presenting yet more jangle, ringing chords and a bassline which keeps everyone else awake and moving. It’s hard to see how this kind of music would play out live when even on ‘Pyrenees’ the short solo lick is so laid back that it almost slips off the rest of the song.

A strong debut with a strong sense of style to drive all the songs, this is an album which doesn’t necessarily beg to be listened to over and over again, but once you start it you’ll certainly want to put your feet up and see the whole thing out. You’ll come away with your spirit lightened at the very least.

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Well said. There is something soothing and breezy about their music and I dig it.

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