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Joan As Police Woman - Joanthology

by Florian Meissner Rating:10 Release Date:2019-05-24
Joan As Police Woman – Joanthology
Joan As Police Woman - Joanthology

Joan As Police Woman is a phenomenon. She’s one of those artists you’ll most likely have read about in a review for a major release like the Rolling Stone, in which she was described as “slinky” and “funky”, or in the German publication Musikexpress, a German take on the NME for sophisticated music collectors, which described her as a “unique mixture of pop, rock, and digital sounds”. And most likely you will have read those generic descriptions, maybe you’ve read about the roughness she had to endure, maybe you even listened to that one song that was presented in the article, but then, you kind of forgot about her again. Sure, that one song was great, but the generic, almost unexcited description of her music, combined with a name most Europeans won’t connect to the 80s US crime show, probably didn’t tickle your fancy very much.

Well, be prepared to question yourself for the rest of your life. Because Joan As Police Woman will release a 3 CD retrospective of her career, and once you put it on, you will never understand how you could lose sight of that incredible artist. And you might question why the descriptions you read of her music were all kind of fitting, yet kind of not. Because Joan As Police Woman, or Joan Wasser, her given name, is not just “pop, rock, and digital sounds”. She’s not just “slinky” or “funky”. She’s absolutely brilliant, with hints of R'n'B, soul, blues, funk, rock, punk, new wave, and everything in between. No two songs sound the same. No exaggeration. They are all unique and different, yet they all are definitely by the same artist.

Franz Kafka’s writing was so unique, so indescribable, the German language gave his writing its own adjective: it’s “Kafkaesque”. And maybe that’s what we needed if we wanted to put a label on Joan As Police Woman’s music: a new word. Her music is Joanesque. Brilliantly joanesque.

But don’t take my word for it, get your hands on JOANTHOLOGY. On two discs you get every song she recorded, including a cover of Prince’s “Kiss”, and a new song titled “What A World”. On disc 3 you can listen to her “Live at the BBC”, which is also released as a standalone vinyl version. It’s another great compilation we get this year, and it’s a perfect introduction to anybody who was as unaware of her as me. It’s also a great way of hearing some of her harder-to-find songs, and a decent addition to any Sunday listening session.

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