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Head Drop - Hexing Babylon EP

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2019-05-20
Head Drop - Hexing Babylon EP
Head Drop - Hexing Babylon EP

Head Drop come out of the blocks swinging wild agricultural punches on ‘Still There Are Ghosts’, crunchy guitars giving way intermittently to 60s psychedelia, however, the prevailing mood is anger and discontent. Quite a disarming juxtapose, and the band doesn’t muck around in finding an abrupt though satisfying ending. Not devastating just engaging. Straight into ‘Fractions’ then without taking a breath, Kev Wells, Sean Hewson and company take a simple riff and channel it through the late 70s and early 80s, allusions of The Wipers and L.A punk in particular. Righteous noise, lads.

‘Ocular Migraine’ is probably an understatement. The mayhem in the outro is pure maggot brain. Like a hundred screaming felines being taunted with laser pointers. Less migraine and more spontaneous aneurysm.

Which brings this EP to its apex, and Hexing Babylon’s chimeric monster of a title track. The very same agitated beasts with a migraine have now escaped and are mighty pissed. Guitars gnash their terrible teeth and roll their terrible eyes, and the phantom of John Bonham lives well behind the kit. What have I done with that Oxycontin? 

From some place called Reading.

A bleeding success.



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