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Morabeza Tobacco - Morabeza Tobacco

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2019-05-24
Morabeza Tobacco - Morabeza Tobacco
Morabeza Tobacco - Morabeza Tobacco

Swedish artists have become a sort of specialists for sophisticated pop that at every step throws in a quirky, out-of-step element that keeps you listening. Most of the time, this kind of stuff is so pleasing to the ear that it just makes you keep on listening.

If that is what you would be expecting from Vanilla Stillefors and Gustav Jennefors, aka Morabeza Tobacco and their self-titled debut album… no surprises in that respect. That is exactly what you will get. The only question to deal with is what is that ’quirky’ element they throw in.

Well, maybe quirky isn’t the appropriate term here, but it is a seemingly incompatible, or should I say, the not so tried out combination of marrying Mazzy Star-style of dream pop with slowed-down electro-pop. The effect you get, like on tracks like “Almost Home”, “Kiss of Death”, “TTYL”, or the whole album for that matter is this trip down memory lane, particularly if the best part of your youth has been tied to the Eighties and early Nineties. But even if you don't fall into that age group, it is quite an enjoyable trip, no matter what.

Maybe that is not surprising at all, as the duo picked up their name from a small tobacco shop in Stockholm, obviously known to the band and possibly inhabitants of the surrounding neighborhood, but it probably holds dear memories to Vanilla and Gustav.

Actually, the duo confirms this memory lane themselves, as they explain that “Defenders of the Glam”, one of the tracks on the album is about “schoolyard daydreaming and ‘80s cartoons”, while the title of another track here is self-explanatory - “Ally McBeal”.

Still, Morabeza Tobacco is able to escape the traps of sticky, gooey, or itchy sentimentalism and come up with an album of utterly listenable, sophisticated pop. Some more memories, please.

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