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Various Artists – Spaciousness

by Florian Meissner Rating:10 Release Date:2019-05-17
Various Arists – Spaciousness
Various Arists – Spaciousness

Space. The final frontier. There’s more we don’t know about space than we do. Even the concept of space is nothing we can grasp – and the ambiguity of the word isn’t helping. Space is both what we are in as a whole, but space is also an empty place we can fill with our selves. The only thing we know for sure: we can fill space, explore it, and never fully understand it.

Spaciousness is a compilation of 14 tracks, all between 1:40-7:00 minutes. It features artists like Abul Mogard, India Jordan, and Susumu Yokota, all household names in ambient music. The artists follow the concept of exploring space through their music. For this, they created intricate musical patterns, soundscapes, and spheres that float around, filling all space they enter, taking your mind onto an excursion into what makes space, space. It’s not trying to explain or understand what space is, but invites us to explore and to marvel at this concept we will probably never fully grasp, but that will always fill us with a sort of excitement and, to a certain extent, subliminal fear.

The 14 tracks in this compilation take the listener on a calming, relaxing excursion into their own minds. The artists invite us to explore places we haven’t necessarily been before – but you can always just sit back and relax if you don’t feel like wandering around. Through a clever form of auditorial estrangement, each artist manages to capture a soundscape we are familiar with, and take it into new spheres we might not yet know. It’s hard to put into word what this compilation manages to do to the listener.

If you are looking for an album you can listen to at work, at home, while meditating, sleeping, or to focus fully on a task in front of you, this is perfect for you. The official press release states that “Spaciousness is the first volume in a series of releases that seeks to explore the connections, the overlaps, the roots and the future of music variously referred to as ambient, deep listening, new age and even post-classical.” So let’s be excited about what’s to come. It’s worth it.

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