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Meat Beat Manifesto - Opaque Couche

by paul_guyet Rating:6 Release Date:2019-05-10
Meat Beat Manifesto - Opaque Couche
Meat Beat Manifesto - Opaque Couche

I was wondering what an album named after the “world’s ugliest color” would sound like; something grating and experimental? Something unlistenable? The aural equivalent of the color itself? Turns out that the name has nothing whatsoever to do with the music on Meat Beat Manifesto’s 12th album, Opaque Couche…as far as I can tell anyway. And that’s kind of a letdown.

Some of what’s on offer is really solid MBM, like “Pin Drop”, “Call Sign” (which might intrigue people who’ve never heard Aphex Twin before), and the old school MBM goodness of “Critical Soul Vibrations”. Half the album consists of tracks under three minutes which range from enticing peeks that should be longer (like “Bolinas” and "C 2015 V2”) to bland soundscapes where nothing of note happens (“CarrierFreq” and "Hailing Frequencies Open”). And then there’s “Break Test" which features snippets of the interview with A.J. Weberman where he talks about going through Bob Dylan’s garbage, which is…unique, to say the least. Speaking of samples: aside from the one repeated throughout “Forced To Lie”, they should have been the only vocals on the album as Jack Dangers, who was never a great vocalist to begin with, is less of one in 2019.

Opaque Couche is a perfectly serviceable, late-career Meat Beat Manifesto album with its own set of perfectly serviceable, late-career Meat Beat Manifesto songs. The title, which doesn’t necessarily need to reflect the sound or theme of an album, seems to be little more than a silly distraction. Based on the sound, Opaque Couche should have been called something more space-related, because the overall sound is rather spacey. Fans of more recent, more mellow Meat Beat will enjoy this, but fans of Subliminal Sandwich and the like might find things here a bit too mellow.

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