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Various Artists - Too Slow To Disco: Neo En France

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2019-05-03
Various Artists - Too Slow To Disco: Neo En France
Various Artists - Too Slow To Disco: Neo En France

The latest (sixth) entry in the series that describes itself as “Late 70s Westcoast Yachtpop you can almost dance to”, Neo En France is series curator DJ Supermarkt’s crate-diving trawl through the current French electro-pop scene to unearth sides that will appeal to fans of the likes of Air, Daft Punk, Etienne de Crecy, Saint Germaine, and the French House, Nu Jazz and Electronica scenes. Many of these artists remain unknown outside their homeland (some are even strangers at home!), but artists from Supergrass and Depeche Mode to Frank Ocean, Keren Ann, and Nick Cave recognized their talents and invited them to produce, arrange, and remix their music.

Right out of the gate, Parisians Camille Ferrera and Siegfried de Turckheim [aka POOM]’s whispered coochie cooing throughout ‘De La Vitesse À L’Ivresse’ will get you in the mood for a night in with a loved one and a bottle of red (not necessarily in that order), and SAINT DX [aka Aurélien Hamm from Apes & Horses] has obviously been spending a lot of time listening to his Prince albums if ‘First Fantasy’ is indicative of hos other material. Perky synth-poppers CLAAP! & SANTANA up the suave metre with the infectious ‘Summertime’, and the electro-pop synth duo Polocorp (Paul Armand-Delille) and Peter Pan (Alexandre Grynszpan) [aka POLO & PAN] get away with setting Debussey to a disco beat (with sexy female vocals) on ‘Pays Imaginaire’.

LOMBOY vocalist Tanja Frita’s smooth ooze ‘Loverboy’ is a million miles from her early hardcore/metal projects (thank God!), and the groovy soul of MAGNÜM’s epic 2016 hit ‘L’Épée À La Main’ fondly recalls Style Council, Haircut 100, or Simply Red. CLÉA VINCENT’s ‘Retiens Mon Désir’ is another late night stroll through neon lights, smoke-filled bars, and dark, off-license jazzers with blackened windows, cool drinks, and hot dance floors.

I could do without JEAN TUNIQUE’s gimmicky vocoder Framptonisms (‘Feel Better Now’) but WEEKEND AFFAIR’s popcorny ‘Descends’ is guilty pleasure fun on the dancefloor and more late night Air-styled ambience courtesy Simon Mény and Pierre Rousseau [aka PARADIS]’ ‘Instantané is cuddlefest tuneage at its finest.

Sure, some of it (L’IMPÉRATRICE, BERTRAND BURGALAT) is rather bland Muzak that makes the ‘70s heyday sound welcoming in comparison, some recalls sexy disco divas San Tropez or the fluid, bachelor pad romanticism of Francis Lai, and other smooth grooves border on porno soundtrack material (not necessarily a bad thing), this new entry will help you orchestrate some sexy moves and grooves of your own.

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