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Greys - Age Hasn't Spoiled You

by Tim Sentz Rating:8 Release Date:2019-05-10
Greys - Age Hasn't Spoiled You
Greys - Age Hasn't Spoiled You

When the Canadian duo Japandroids came barreling out of Vancouver with Post-Nothing in 2009, folks who enjoyed the loudness clamored to their live show to witness frenetic garage rock on hyper-speed. Japandroids were a new breed of rock, one that was unapologetic for being drunk, and uninterested in if it’s too loud. A decade later and Greys are doing the same thing, but they amp it up to beyond 11. Instead of just paying homage to the Replacements, Greys have assembled 10 alternative, arena-ready anthemic rock songs.  

The Toronto rock band might be the loudest band I’ve heard in some time. And it’s not cringey loud, where you cover your ears. It’s Dinosaur Jr. sound. Massive guitars that just surround you and create a fuzzy landscape. If Fugazi were around today, they’d be touring with Greys. Four records and a handful of EPs into their career and Greys are still doing what they do best – perfecting that big band sound without sacrificing any of the aesthetic of a noise rock band. Without screaming or screeching, Greys have perfected their sound on Age Hasn’t Spoiled You, a very on-the-nose title for a band often compared to Fugazi. A Santa-sack full of styles are housed on Greys’ newest outing – noise, shoegaze, pop-punk, post-punk – hell, they even find themselves ballading on “Western Guilt.”

All of this is to say that Greys may have finally crafted their most straightforward work to date. Inspiration aside, Age Hasn’t Spoiled You slaps. The distortion you hear at the start of “Arc Light” is deceiving, as Shehzaad Jiwana does his best Billie Jo Armstrong and pulls everyone and their grandmother into the monster of an album the band has dropped on us. Thunderous guitars, soaring choruses – this is Greys at their finest. “Constant Pose” feels like a late-night binge on 90s Nine Inch Nails and Jesus & Mary Chain’s Psychocandy while downing the sourest beers. It perks you up, but it’s so lush and distorted you can’t help but keep listening.

“These Things Happen” find Greys in a comfortably poppy position, one of their most accessible tracks to date. It’s the kind of song you’d find on college radio. It’s pounding drums and sing-a-long chorus makes it primed for mosh pits, couple that with the anarchy inspired lyrics and you have a gold single on your hands. The fact that Age Hasn’t Spoiled You shows off a band really coming into its own without losing any of their edge is a testament to the relationship the band members have with each other. Age isn’t just another rollicking jaunt through nostalgia, it’s a perfected sound that takes liberties with different genres but doesn’t lose sight of the goal. Keeping it less aggressive than METZ but just as accessible and direct as Pile, Greys have outdone themselves with Age Hasn’t Spoiled You and left nothing on the table they aren’t happy with.

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I expected a Telescopes-like head bludgeoning after reading 'turn it up to 11'. It's more Slowdive than Jesus & Mary Chain in places. Very good album though.

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