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Peaches - Fatherfucker

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2003-09-15

The arrival of Fatherfucker should have raised an interesting problem for Peaches. How do you follow a debut album (Teaches of Peaches) that woke up the world with its aggressively sexual, irresistibly rebellious and zeitgeist-capturing stance? The only way really is to do it all over again, bigger, badder and better--which is exactly what Canadian-born, Berlin-dwelling, shock-factor nine artist Peaches has tried to do. Remarkably, she's pretty much succeeded. By continuing along her own path she shows the world she is not just a novelty act; and with an album that's as energetic, uncompromising and as galvanising as its predecessor, anyone thinking she was going to clean up her act to appease detractors needs to think again. The title, the cover art (Peaches with a beard) and opening track "I don't give a…" (which samples Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation") make it screamingly, punkishly clear that she doesn't give a #@*&. The album unfolds in punchy bursts of home-cooked computer beats (from hip-hop to electro to dancehall), raw power chords and sneering attitude, with dudes like Iggy Pop and Taylor Savvy on board to help out. It's the candour and energy that Peaches invests in her music that moves it clear away from cliché. As the title and the beard suggest, Peaches definitely has balls. --Paul Sullivan

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Peaches - Fatherfucker - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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