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Los Mundos - Calor Central

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:7 Release Date:2019-04-26
Los Mundos - Calor Central
Los Mundos - Calor Central

How do you get a sound like you are playing and singing in a Cave? Monterrey, Mexico duo Los Mundos has the answer - you go to a cave or in their case an abandoned mine near Monterrey and record! Well, if not everything, at least the drums and percussion, getting that essential cavern echo!

That is what Los Mundos did for the opening, title track of their new album Calor Central. Sounds like heavy psychedelia? Damn right, for the devoted fans of the genre, particularly those in Europe, I need only mention that one of the labels for this joint release is Cardinal Fuzz, and you know what to expect.

And in the case of Los Mundos, there are no surprises with respect to heavy, fuzzed-out psychedelia. Luis Angel Martinez and Alejandro Elizondo who comprise Los Mundos treat the heavy psych (make that very heavy psych) genre with the heavy hand and light heart it needs, with the addition of some Jesus And Mary Chain overtones (“Sin Vertigo”), echoing Beach Boys harmonies (“Subterráneo Mar Jurásico”) and Oriental swirls (“Olas de Lava”) to boot.

It could sound like some of these sounds might be out of place, but the duo makes it work musically. Oh, and there is a concept going on here. Los Mundos have based “Calor Central” on the Jules Verne story “Journey at the Center of the Earth”, making all the cavernous sounds fit right in. The duo gives it a bit of lyrical horror touch (for those who know Spanish), just underlining that heavy in the heavy psych tag.

Are Los Mundos the most original psych band around? Probably not! Does it matter? No, since their racket of a sound is of the good racket kind, and even if you cannot follow the story, Los Mundos make this musical trip to the center of the Earth worth a few rides.

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