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Bohannons - Bloodroot

by Rob Taylor Rating:5 Release Date:2019-04-05
Bohannons - Bloodroot
Bohannons - Bloodroot

The Bohannons singer comes on like Meat Loaf reincarnate on ‘Sleep Rock’, the opener on the Chattanooga, Tennessee band’s Bloodroot. The impression is superficial obviously, but the vocals show a zealous adherence to the primitive tenet of rock ‘n’ roll, and point very directly, though only momentarily, to that comparison. It’s an album that might appeal to fans of southern rock. Bands such as Drive-by Truckers for instance.

The musical style is probably more straight-laced rock. Less histrionically south and more melting pot. Tracks like ‘My Dark Roots’ show a deft touch for music that cradles the line between cult obscurity and mainstream success. The kind of stuff that turns dank and oppressively hot local pubs into cauldrons of sweaty homo-erotica. ‘Howler’ is a track that will appeal to lovers of anthemic choruses but is low rent shlock to me. It’s probably meant to be dark, but I always think this stuff is better if not invested with earnestness.

‘Twisted Sister’ about sister survivors of a tornado is played by contrast with a forward honesty, and the song has drive and a meaty chorus. Real heart and soul. ‘…..And all of her sisters, and all of her friends, could never put Brittany back together again’. However. Maybe it’s me. I’ll swear the tornado missed them. They were holding on for deal life in the treetops, so at least Brittany dodged a bullet. Didn’t resonate with me. I was on the edge of a cyclone once and can only remember being relieved, but I digress. Give me ‘Zip City’ by the Truckers any day.

‘Refills’ however, about the evils of prescription drugs, meets the target for credibility, and might easily have been a Neil Young track. Not a bad track. I should say that the guitar work generally is pretty ace, even if the songs themselves don’t always reach that marker. The solo on ‘My Dark Roots’ deserves a special mention.

For fans of straight ahead southern rock.

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