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JAWS - The Ceiling

by Florian Meissner Rating:10 Release Date:2019-04-05
Jaws – The Ceiling
Jaws - The Ceiling

Jaws are an Indie/Dream Pop band from Birmingham in the UK. So far, so mediocre. However, with their third album “The Ceiling”, which will be released on April 5th on their own label, they’ve definitely earned their place in the Indie hall of fame.

The opener, Driving At Night, immediately sets the right mood for the whole album. When Connor Scofield’s indescribably raspy yet clear voice utters the first words “It’s cold tonight, the light is shy”, accompanied by a dreamy guitar and fast, yet quiet drums, you immediately calm down and are there with him, in that night, realising that there is in fact “no meaning to any of this”. 

The dense soundscape is something that makes the whole album feel like a dream as if you were floating along with each of the 10 tracks. Feel, the second track, has a slight Coldplay-feel to it (before they became more and more electronic). The follow-up, Do You Remember, starts with a heavily distorted guitar, taking you from stadium pop anthem to garage indie band, and Fear then effortlessly takes you back into a dream pop-sphere. And even though each track is distinctively different, they blend into one another perfectly, allowing you to just lose yourself in the music.

If you’re a fan of Seahaven and the likes, you will definitely love this album. I’d say it’s the perfect soundtrack for those upcoming mild summer nights, sitting outside with friends, enjoying a beverage or two.

Listen to the first single, Driving At Night, below:

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