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Lady Lamb - Even in the Tremor

by Bill Golembeski Rating:8 Release Date:2019-04-05
Lady Lamb - Even in the Tremor
Lady Lamb - Even in the Tremor

Lady Lamb (aka Aly Spaltro) lists her influences as “the universe” and “pecan pie.”

The great Stephen Hawking warned about sending space probes out into the stars with our specific zip code, because, well, aliens on the receiving end of our map might well have more sinister intentions beyond a weekend in Las Vegas, tickets to Disneyland, and a fifty-yard line seat to watch Super Bowl Halftime entertainment.

So, I think we should have just etched onto any deep space probe’s message that we are in the universe, and we also enjoy a good piece of pie. That may be all anyone needs to know. And then we should have included this record with our message to the stars.

It’s a very human record with flaws, much beauty, too many words, and just great music, albeit music with nary a chorus to be heard. The songs are very linear, with several melodies (often quite lovely) that are stitched together into the momentum of the music. Speaking of human imperfection, the first song, “Little Flaws,” mentions “the freckles on your arm they were the body of stars in the sky.” The calliope melody swirls with deep bass, paced percussion, and weird strings all of which frame Lady Lamb’s voice, a voice that confesses with the same lonesome sadness of Lucinda Williams. It’s all quite odd in a beautiful way, but it’s also quite original.

There’s a soul/gospel vein to these tunes. “Deep Love” pleads its passion as the song (literally) explodes with reasons as to why “we should exist at all.” The ending is powerful, and it rivals the final song, “The Morning Fog” on Kate Bush’s side-long “The Ninth Wave,” which is an unflinching ode to her loves in life. “Untitled Soul” is a deep hymn that blossoms into a full-blown epic guitar song. “Without a Name” has church cadence. “Prayer of Love” swells with a violin, rock music, keyboards, and few horns. The song blends quiet moments with the exuberance of some sort of salvation. “July Was Mundane” is introspective confession that plays its sound with a few more soothing horns and strings.

Now, to be fair, several of Lady Lamb’s on-line videos are (sometimes) simple guitar voiced folk music. There is an acoustic strand to several of the songs. But really, this is a well-produced full band affair. The title track, “Even in the Tremor,” is a prime example. The band pulses while the vocals hover in mystery. But a guitar buzzes in and out of the tune, and sounds swirl around the wonderful sympathy of the drums. Background vocals haunt the very mystery of the song. “Strange Maneuvers” has an urgent vocal that states, “I don’t want to be afraid of myself anymore.” There’s odd applause in mid-song, while the band simply plays rock ‘n’ roll.

“Oh, My Violence” is bluesy rock with a sinister vocal.

And then there is the very acoustic “Young Disciple.” This is a song about Revelation out there in the universe and, also, in the everyday world where it’s always nice to enjoy a piece of pecan pie. Apparently, her mother had a “milkshake in her hand” when she “mentioned the Second Coming.” It’s a wonderful juxtaposition between the common and the metaphysical cosmos. This is a great song.

“Emily” ends the album with a bonafide chorus. And, to quote Kurt Vonnegut, “It’s a doozy.” An acoustic guitar paves the roadwork for the tune. Then the glorious chorus pleads, “We are young.” This song simply urges all roadmaps toward the land of milk, honey, and passion.

So, contemplate the meaning of the universe while drinking a milkshake. And then enjoy this record. It is an odd duck of an album with its flaws, beauty, too many words, and just great music. But it’s a record with wonderous humanity, a humanity  that will kiss the “dirty little noses of dogs,” because, well, we humans do that sort of thing, even while we are  sending spacecraft into the vast void of the universe just to tell aliens everywhere that we are here, and yes, indeed, we will also, for forever and  a day, always enjoy a good piece of pecan pie.

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