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Ellis - The Fuzz

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2019-03-22
Ellis - The Fuzz EP
Ellis - The Fuzz EP

Canadian singer/songwriter Linnea Siggelkow (aka Ellis) has been slowly releasing her music via one-off downloads on her Bandcamp site. This 6-track EP gathers everything into one convenient package of minimalistic shoegazey dream pop. ‘The Drain’ floats effortlessly around the room on butterfly wings, while ‘Frostbite’ adds a more strident backbeat to Siggelkow’s breathy, little girl vocals, as does the galloping ‘What A Mess’. A swirling synth embellishment on the latter (courtesy Siggelkow and Sean Richman) opens the sound considerably, with her band firing on all cylinders.

The more recent tunes are a little grungier, including the sludgy trawler ‘All This Time’ (which also brings her vocals to the fore), although the title track is an intimately whispered ghostly confessional that could induce thousand yard stares into the navel region.

Saint Marie have mastered this type of release for several years now, so fans of that label will find a lot to like, as will lovers of the recent Twin Peaks acts performing at the Roadhouse! Ellis is booked into the Islington in London on 8 May, so you can experience this wonderful wall of sound in all its glory!

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