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Nick Waterhouse - Nick Waterhouse

by Florian Meissner Rating:10 Release Date:2019-03-08
Nick Waterhouse – Nick Waterhouse
Nick Waterhouse – Nick Waterhouse

There is one simple word to describe this album: wow.

Nick Waterhouse is an American singer/songwriter who is deeply rooted in old school Blues, Rhythm & Blues, and Jazz, and his fourth album, “Nick Waterhouse”, is everything you could hope for as a fan of the genre. Once the needle hits the groove (or your finger the play button) you’re beamed back into the 50s and 60s. Dean Martin, Johnny Ray, Fats Domino, Bing Crosby, … Waterhouse would’ve perfectly fit into that era. And once you realise he was born in 1986, when most of his obvious influences were already dead, it makes his sound even more impressive.

His self-titled album is number four in a quite successful career of 9 years and counting. Each song has a distinctive California vibe to it which manages to lighten up even the greyest day, and that’s no exaggeration. As soon as the opener By Heart starts, you can almost feel the sun on your skin. A fast, fun rhythm is paired with a gentle, slightly raspy voice. Imagine Hozier without the cathedral production sound, paired with the singer of Lord Huron.

The pace set by By Heart is slowed down by its follow-up, Song for Winners, but in a good way. Surf-rock and blues put you on a Harley-Davidson driving down the Route 66 through the Arizonian desert, just to put you on a beach in Southern Cali with a cold beer in your hand, as soon as I Feel An Urge Coming starts. And Waterhouse keeps doing this throughout the album: fast-paced songs and slower numbers are alternated throughout, keeping the listener interested and excited for the next track.

A highlight for me is track number 6, Wreck the Rod. A composition of guitar, piano, and wind instruments makes for an exciting, upbeat swing song that’ll fill the dance floor in split seconds.

This album should be in every good record collection and is an obvious choice for fans of old school Rhythm’n’Blues with a modern take, artists like Hozier, or classic Blues legends like Fats or Crosby. Get an idea by streaming the first official single, Song for Winners, below.

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