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Fathers - High Horses EP

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:9 Release Date:2019-02-28
Fathers - High Horses EP
Fathers - High Horses EP

As far as my knowledge of geography goes, Missouri is far away from the Pacific Ocean, where, on one of its coasts Brian Wilson and/or The Beach Boys reside and create their music. No matter, Texas and its residents' The Polyphonic Spree, who also mine that Beach Boys sound are not on the coast either. If musically that is a problem for you then you should certainly stay away from Kansas City’s Fathers and their new EP High Horses. If on the other hand, like myself you are a sucker for such sounds, read on!

Fathers are actually one Kenneth Storz and any of his cohorts he can gather for a musical project of his, one of which is this new EP. Frankly, in just four tracks here Storz and friends (eight people strong) are able to show a great sense of musical maturity and feel. There is quite a prevailing sense of zen going on through this one, as Fathers combine some excellent vocal harmonies with subdued instrumentation, including brass that often slowly flows into some ambient moods, like on “Guinevere” (doesn’t sound much like the CSN song of the same name) akin the manner Olivia Tremor Control used to do. The use of a local yoga centre as part of the recording space probably had something to do with this.

The seven-minute long title track is particularly impressive with its continuing mesh of vocal harmonies, strings, and bass, ending in a slow-burning electronic swirl. Even with just one previous EP of music, based on High Horses personally, Fathers come through as one of the most promising, yet to be heard of bands at the moment.

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