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Light Pollution - Apparitions

by Paul Downey Rating:5 Release Date:2010-07-26

The one problem with alot of electro acts at this time, is that they can't decide what they want to be. The debut album from Chicago four-piece Light Pollution is technically 'a mixed bag', but this is not necessarily a good thing.

It turns out when Light Pollution want to do electro pop tunes and recall bands such as The Cure, they do it really well, but when not they sound too spaced out for their own good. Opener 'Good Feelings' has a good ambient, chilled tone to it which develops into an uplifting yarn and sets us off on the right tone. Shamefully 'Oh Irony' and 'Drunk Kids' takes us to places we really can't relate to as the lyrics become distorted into at times an Arcade Fire-sounding mess.

'Fever Dreams' brings the record back around as Light get into Cure mode, and produce a electro pop gem with enough gust to bring us back on-side. From here on in though it again fails to deliver time and time again with 'Deyai Right On', 'Bad Vibes' and closer 'SslowDreamss' all swishing and swirling into an unaccessible oblivion. Overall there are some promising sounds here, but they are just few and far between the electro, hazey and spaced out tone which engulfs the record.

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