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Moving Panoramas - In Two

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2019-02-22
Moving Panoramas - In Two
Moving Panoramas - In Two

Long awaited (four years) sophomore effort (hence the clever title) from this Austin female trio (although they seem to have a few blokes in the videos and PR material!), whose shoegazey dream rock benefits from a tight rhythm section that propels each song headlong into your skull where Leslie Sisson, Rosie Castoe, and Cara Tillman’s emotional harmonies anxiously await to engulf you in waves of warm and fuzzy hugs. Lead single ‘Baby Blues’ is a fine slice of bouncy pop with synth overtones and Sisson’s dreamy vocals bring a sweet, Susannah Hoff-like cuddle to the ‘Dance Floor’.

The energetic pop continues as we pogo to ‘Home Alone’ and recall all those great Dum Dum Girls albums we devoured when we fell in love with Kristin Gundred. I’m adding Sisson to my dance card! There’s a crystalline Cure-like sheen to Sisson’s guitars on the romantic ‘On Hold’ and while the ballad ‘Forever Gone’ adds a bit of variety, it zaps the album’s early energy. At least they stuck it at the end of Side 1 so you can flip the album over without missing anything essential. Then there’s the cleverly-titled ‘ADD Heart’, which everyone whose partner suffers from roving eye syndrome will identify with! The heart pumping, jingle-jangle ’80s beat will help you drown your sorrows on the aforementioned dance floor! Finally, you wouldn’t be out of place if you conjured sweet dreams of Ride’s wall of cascading guitars throughout ‘Whiskey Fight’.

Exquisitely produced to wrap Sisson’s magnetic vocals in swathes of synths and shimmering guitars, everything pushes the right buttons and I’ll be touting this one throughout the year to anyone who wants to hear some perfect pop with brilliant songs and catchy vox. Treat yourself and grab this one now and impress your mates with how cool you are to discover the next big thing (and best album) of 2019 so far.

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