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Bilge Pump - We Love You

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:7 Release Date:2019-02-15
Bilge Pump - We Love You
Bilge Pump - We Love You

Bilge Pump have been around for over twenty years, but most listeners have not heard of them, even if they are hardened fans of the louder variations of modern heavy psych plus the likes of Butthole Surfers, PiL or Spacemen 3. Although a few Leeds locals might have met the guys and helped them tend their vegetable gardens where old electric guitars are stuck into the ground as props.

Not being familiar with the band has nothing to do with the quality of their music or live appearances, it is just that they take their sweet time coming up with new releases. In the 22 years of their existence they have come up with only three albums, Let Me Breathe in 2002, Rupert The Sky in 2008, and their latest one We Love You in 2019. Not exactly the fastest track record.

But then, it seems to have nothing to do with the guys being lazy or devoting too much time to a healthy life. Based on the evidence of We Love You, it might have something to do with them trying to bring in as many nuances and rhythmic shifts into their music, particularly guitar sounds, like on the ever-shifting (and very loud) “The Passion of The Kid”. It certainly sounds like one of the tracks (and it is not the only one here) that can turn into something that could last the whole live set.

Besides the cited inspirations, other stuff certainly creeps in, from the good ole Stones (maybe the album title stems from them?) to guitar-oriented Krautrock, or practically anything with loud guitars. Most of the time, like on the opener “Wheel of Yew” or on “Manzana De La Discordia” it works, with the band avoiding tripping on the hurdles of repetition and familiarity as much as they could.

For those listeners that have their stereo system’s volume glued to 10, or those who have a beef with their neighbours, Bilge Pump’s We Love You could be the perfect, ‘refreshing’ solution.

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