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AlcaRock - Gimme More

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2019-02-04
AlcaRock - Gimme More
AlcaRock - Gimme More

If their name alone wasn’t a big enough giveaway then a quick glance at AlcaRock’s SoundCloud should tell you what they’re all about. Cover versions of AC/DC, Queen, and Led Zeppelin proudly fill up the page. The smoking guitar on the cover of Gimme More, the band’s debut EP, stands as yet further proof of their intentions. Yes, dear readers, AlcaRock are here to rock out like there’s no tomorrow.

Based in Paris the band consists of Jeff, Amaury, Julien, Sabine, Clara and Sadra on lead vocals. Everyone seems to have a number of instruments to their name while Sabine’s skills also extend to playing the “whip” (the only way to keep the boys in check apparently).

Now the cover versions are fun and certainly help us understand the band's mindset but it’s the 5 original songs that make up Gimme More that you really need to be excited about.  Does it rock? You bet your sweaty Nirvana t-shirt it does!

The title-track kicks us off with a confident, hook-laden and assured blast of (you guessed it) rock. Sadra’s vocals lifting the song into the stratosphere as the guitars and drums plough ahead, “gimme more/gimme more/ of your time”.  The band an impressively tight, powerpop, force-of-nature. You can still hear those classic rock influences but there’s something undeniably fresh going on here too.

‘Insanity’ ramps up the seductive, rock-sleaze vibes with shades of Lydia Lunch in Sadra’s cool drawl. The song itself is a spacious, riff-heavy, blues monster. Close your eyes and you’re transported to the smokiest dive bar you can think of. ‘Metallic’ might just be the best thing here with its mixture of inventive arrangements and brilliantly old-school rock thrills. If this doesn’t make you feel like hitting the town then maybe you should just stay at home.

The brakes are momentarily applied with the arrival of the rather lovely ‘Silver’. A sweet and big-hearted ballad that joyfully indulges the band’s 80s influences (just listen to those synth lines!). ‘White Page’ leads with a riff that’s pure Guns ‘n’ Roses and brings things to a close in positive, anthemic, powerpop style.

Sabine, Amaury, and Jeff formed the band some 15 years ago yet Gimme More is their first foray into original material. Clearly a wise choice, Gimme More is a fresh, pretension-free and unashamedly fun debut EP. Can’t wait to hear more!

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