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Lens Mozer - Don’t Stop

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2019-01-25
Lens Mozer - Don’t Stop
Lens Mozer - Don’t Stop

Lens Mozer was probably not born with that name. That is actually a brand of Austrian wines with a similar name, usually sweetish white wine that is the best when perfectly chilled, along with some snacks, preferably on a (California) beach with some equally easy-going music, pop-ish, a mix of different decades of pop with harmonies abound.

Coincidences exist, but in this case, hard to believe. I can safely place a bet on the fact that Lens Mozer had in mind Lenz Moser, the Austrian winemaker when he took up this moniker and came up with music as it is collected on this, his debut album titled Don’t Stop. Because his project, located in Los Angeles is and the music it came up with is exactly something that you would put on while you’re having those snacks and wine at some California beach, Malibu or otherwise.

Harmonies and chiming guitars abound, with some slightly booming bass in the background, all late sixties, brushed up and sprinkled with some light electronic touches and modern production to place it here and now. In several cases, this approach brings up a pile of overdone cliches we’ve all heard before, that come into one ear and leave through the other within nanoseconds.

Luckily for Lens Mozer, his debut album and particularly for his listeners, he has devoted painstaking time and effort to make that easy on the ear sound like something that will add to your enjoyment, not just passing by, or god forbid, detract from it. As everybody is aware by now, making simple things sound good is the hardest thing to do, and tracks like “All My Friends”, “Sometimes” or “I Wanna Love You” are exactly that.

It is music that sounds easy going, made of elements you are familiar with, but it still sounds refreshing and palpable, and that is certainly very hard to do. It has been a while since somebody could come up with this kind of music that has a substance behind it, the first name that comes to mind is the Australian Luke Steele and his The Sleepy Jackson project from the beginning of this century.

No matter if there are other names on that list, you can add Lens Mozer to it. Some Lenz Moser wine will surely go well with it. Oh, and certainly, Don’t Stop.

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