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Pulled Apart by Horses - Pulled Apart By Horses

Some people believe punk died in the 70s. Others think it was when John Lydon started selling butter. But punk is very much alive and coursing through the veins of Pulled Apart By Horses.

Thanks to a punk revival spurred by Gallows in 2007, the need for fast, aggressive music has been ever growing in underground clubs throughout the UK. And Pulled Apart By Horses are a prime example of why.

Inspired by over-the-pond contemporaries like The Bronx, Pulled Apart By Horses have a rare mix of aggression and power that has come away sounding quite melodic. Rather than the usual noise factory some bands like to release, PABH have crafted a generally comfortable listen rather than reaching into your ears and pulling out the tiny bones one by one.

Songs like 'Back To The Fuck Yeah' and 'The Crapsons' come bounding out your speakers like a band of, well, horses and hook you from the start. And from then on, it's a non-stop barrage of killer riffs, head-banging beatdowns and scream-along anthems that should only be played to those with a stable heart.

We may have come a long way since 1977 but the spirit of punk is still rampant, and Pulled Apart By Horses have done their part in evoking a little anarchy into the new, disillusioned UK.

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