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Vitalic - OK Cowboy

by Rachael Simpson Rating:9 Release Date:2005-04-25

Industrially groovy and technologically sound, Vitalic's OK Cowboy is a hell of debut album. After almost ten years of mixing around the world from his roots in the underground electronic scene Pascal Arbez delivers one of the finest synthesized albums ever made. The immensely popular My Friend Dario wrestles for top position as the best track on the album and essential to any dj worth their salt's collection. Wooo has the vibe of an 80's computer game polka, more present than the Boards of Canada, as self aware as Air and as funky as Daft Punk. Vitalic mixes styles with ease moving from song to song on the album like a techno puppet master. LA Rock 01 teaches us all about the perfect rise and momentum needed in club music to make you dance out of your skin and into the night. Other valuable lessons we learn through the album are the art of bringing the bass and the wrangling of beats. Twisting the best out of every track with a touch of Death in Vegas's deadly scorpion style of dangerously delicious dance music, Vitalic pours phat bass splurges into The Past while keeping the melody piercing and otherworldly. The album is transformative and never loses its emotion through its artificial creation.

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