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The Bees - free the bees

by Rachael Simpson Rating:10 Release Date:2004-06-28

The Bees make the kind of songs you're sure you've heard before, somewhere in a lost summer. Their 2004 album Free The Bees moves on from their debut Sunshine Hit Me, from a rattling bag of psychedelic 60's mellow grooves to more jangly, lively and lovably catchy tunes. Waves of blues, reggae and colourful indie rock jaunt along throughout their album and every track feels like a childhood friend. More accessible and energetic than its predecessor, Free The Bees hits it stride straight away with These are Ghosts and never misses a beat through to This is Land. Retaining their folksy charm in One Glass of Water and hitting a delightful tongue in cheek style with Chicken Payback and Go Karts, The Bees sound as though they've just stepped out of a jam session with the Small Faces. Middle track I Love You hints at a kind of glorious unhurried 70's soul and a perhaps a less pretentious Peter Green and what stands out is genuinely romantic and beautifully simple. Every track is warm and delivered with care by the studio to sound like they're jamming away in your back garden but its still slick, still hip and well produced. If you can hunt down a vinyl copy and add it to your record collection, it will become a beloved and dog-eared favourite. On CD it will feel like its always been there.

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Gotta love their music..and you gotta love them... It's always nice to hear some music from the lovely old Isle of Wight...cant wait to be back home and listen in on them again and see them...

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