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Blake Mills - Look

by Nathan Fidler Rating:7 Release Date:2018-11-30
Blake Mills - Look
Blake Mills - Look

If you’re familiar with Blake Mills and you stick this little five-track record on and you’ll get a bit of a shock. You won’t be the only one though since this release was never really intended to be heard. On Look, he experiments with soundscapes using guitar synthesizers - a wild departure from his bluesier and folkier solo efforts.

As more of a producer, we shouldn’t actually be surprised by Look, but it really does sounds like a group of whales have gotten hold of synths. The titles of the tracks give little away, going ‘One’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’, ‘Four’ and ‘Five’ - a sure sign that this is an experiment.

All the tracks hum and swirl, with vibrating honks in places; one not all too different from the next. It’s pretty trippy if you sit in the dark and drink it in on headphones, but the sensation of listening under any other circumstances is a bit baffling, making you impatient for some meat to these bones. It's lacking his usual form and melody, but he’s tinkering at best here so keep your expectations low.

With plenty of musicians tackling scores for soundtracks, this collection of sounds at least gives you hope that Mills might one day turn his hand to such a task properly - a Terrence Malik film perhaps? - and he'll no doubt succeed.

You’ll have to wait patiently for a more formulaic release, but if spacey instrumentals are your kind of thing then this is an excellent taster of what might be to come from Blake Mills.

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