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Marshmallow Coast - Memory Girl

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:9 Release Date:2018-11-09
Marshmallow Coast - Memory Girl
Marshmallow Coast - Memory Girl

Andy Gonzales, or basically Marshmallow Coast and whoever of his friends from the Elephant 6 collective was around at the time, in a way became synonymous with the term bedroom pop. Slacker melodies and harmonies, strong hooks done with ease, and always with some sort of a tongue in cheek concept, even when he was serious. Probably a natural thing.   

Through a series of seven previous albums and a multitude of collaborations and participation in projects like Of Montreal and The Music Tapes, Gonzales was around until this day, but like most of the Elephant 6 collective, fell into the shadows. A shame, since almost anything that came out of this loose group was probably some of the best music the 90s came up with. Same goes for Gonzales since the two previous albums he came up over the last few years (Seniors and Juniors Strikes Back and Vangelis Rides Again) proved that he still has that pure melodic line riding through his veins.   

In a way, there seems to be some sort of resurrection of the Elephant 6 scene (recent excellent Essex Green album), and Gonzales and Memory Girl the new album under the Marshmallow Coast moniker goes on to prove it.   

A relatively brief, made-for-vinyl affair, the album is full of excellent melodic lines, guitar/electronic interplay, and Gonzales' always pleasing vocals. Whether it is the buzz of “Sinz of My Father”, or the harmony drive of “Shooting Star”, Marshmallow Coast come up with some exquisite pop/rock, as if Gonzales has hand-picked only the tracks he was sure will work and have something to say, both musically and lyrically. Maybe brief, but not slight in any manner.   

Talking about the album, Gonzales said that he used a chorus and delay pedal that makes everything sound dreamy. Indeed. Dream away, boy!

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