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Shit and Shine - Bad Vibes

by Rob Taylor Rating:9 Release Date:2018-11-09
Shit and Shine - Bad Vibes
Shit and Shine - Bad Vibes


Barmy noise rockers, Shit and Shine have always straddled the boundary between the rational and the preposterous in their off-kilter, experimental dance excursions. Sometimes the music is simply a head-fuck, and sometimes they get the funk going like no other existing band.  The title Bad Vibes may foretell your listening experience, but it's more likely just another signpost leading you inexorably into Shit and Shine’s trademark universe of musical perversions.

There should be one of those pharmaceutical leaflets in the record sleeve warning buyers of potential side effects. By the time ‘Yeah, I’m on Acid’ reaches its trippy zenith, your mind and the music have become co-naturalized, so resistance is futile. As if the exhortations of ‘yeah I’m on acid, yeah !” and ‘cocaine, yeah, alright !’ aren’t enough subliminal influence, the groove is insistent, and as with all Craig Clouse’s Texan hallucinations, the object is not only to digress into industrial wastelands of alien noise but grab you on a leash and drag you through the musical refuse. Mind and body trawling through decomposition, both literal and musical.

Above all though, Bad Vibes isn’t such a bad trip. It’s kind of fun. Unlike Jason Pierce's lachrymose indulgences, Craig Clouse opts for tailoring your mood to encompass the full range of drug-related experience. The entire mid-section of ‘Mingler’ and ‘7896’ is designed for pure clubbing equilibrium. Nothing too bonkers, just some cool mid-tempo beats, interposed with some random broadcasts and sound captures to remind you that the road isn’t an entirely smooth one. At this point on your trip, however, the seat belt is off, and you’re free to move around the carriage.

When ‘Backstage Passes !’ comes along, there’s an interruption of mood and a sense of the foreboding, and maybe this is where the bad trip begins. ‘Bad Vibes’ crushes the untroubled demeanor of that which preceded it and ravages the soundscape with heavy machinery. Maybe ‘Sunrise Sam’ and ‘At The Bar On the Rocks’ are the morning after, I don’t know, but they’re a little dose of all the above. The latter has a cool tinge of Asiatic beats but you know, that’s what Shit and Shine are all about. There’s never been any textbook to throw out.


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Thanks for the work on this one Rob. It was WAY out of my comfort galaxy!

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No worries Howard. Horses for courses !

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