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Larkin Poe - Spring an EP

by Dan Clay Rating:7.5 Release Date:2010-06-01

Female double acts are a hard breed to judge. For every quirky Shakespeare's Sister or Alisha's Attic there's a poppy Bananarama (at least in comeback form). So which camp does Larkin Poe (sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell) fall into?

On their second EP in their current incarnation (elder sister Jessica created The Lovell Sisters before leaving to take a musical break) the nicely titled Spring an EP, Poe manage to create a warm and pleasant sound which, much like the title suggests, has little room for the harsh bleakness of winter but isn't quite ready to embrace summer's sultry vibe.

Opener 'Long Hard Fall' with its handclaps and mandolin begins things well, the girls' voices showing a strong yet soft range with younger sister Rebecca echoing Norah Jones well. 'We Intertwine' impresses with its catchy melody and soft harmonies sung over a quietly plucked guitar - it's the second best song on the EP.

Elsewhere the girls indulge their poetic side a little too much, playing with rhyme on 'Burglary' as Rebecca sings "Tell me where you go in your getaway car with the heart you stole/ Are you feeling all rock and roll?" before going on to complete the lyric with references to Mexico and "down low".

Showing a love of bluegrass throughout, the EP bares closer comparisons to country or folk and fans of The Dixie Chicks, Duffy or Ms Jones will no doubt enjoy the pairs harmonies on 'To Myself' or 'The Principle of Silver Lining', but it's their knack for a melody which is likely to stand them out furthest from their peers and on 'Ball and Chain' they manage to create the EP's strongest song as the pair muse on relationships."Why's it always gotta be a chore for you to be good to me," Rebecca sings over sweet harmonies and an effective acoustic backing - it's three minutes of warm sunshine.

Undoubtedly, with most EP's running at four or five tracks, a nine-song effort is likely to suffer some filler and the final two songs add little to the overall sound. After two EPs, the girls will no doubt be working on an album so let's hope it sees them on top form; enough to give anyone a spring in their step this summer.

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