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David Allred - The Transition

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:9 Release Date:2018-11-02
David Allred - The Transition
David Allred - The Transition

California singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Allred is one of those names that started cropping up recently due to series of singles, and the recent collaboration with a similar musical character that has already made a niche name - Peter Broderick. The word passed around was the one that is often mentioned, but also often doesn’t come to pass - the one to watch, with other superlatives added.

Based on The Transition, Allred’s solo debut, those superlatives are truly in order. The moment “Scoop Troop” opens the album, those more familiar with Broderick’s works so far, particularly his most accomplished Home album, will immediately hear the reasons the two collaborated on Find The Ways, the joint Allred/Broderick effort from 2017. Multi-tracked harmony vocals, languid movements, and classically-tinged instrumentation. Again, here, Broderick chips in his contribution, but Allred remains the main character.

Where the two differ, at least as far as Home is concerned, where Broderick often went full throttle, Allred is more inclined towards the ‘less is more’ approach, i.e. his musical concept is to achieve as much of a full sound with less instrumentation (“For Catherine E. Coulson”) or just solitary instrument and a single vocal (“Randy and Susan”).

Such a minimal approach in the wrong hands (and voice) can often become tedious, but Allred has an excellent singing voice and serious instrumental skills to carry this concept through. This musical approach is also something that fully complements Allred’s lyrical concept presented on The Transition, inspired by his daily work in a residential care home.

Not your cheerful entertainment theme, but with his musical and vocal capabilities, Allred is able to give it the poignancy he seems to have intended to devote it. Often, as on the title track and on “The Garden”, the effect Allred creates is quite mesmerising. In all, what we get here is not an easy theme, but still a beautiful listen and one of the better debut albums of 2018.


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