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Body Type - Body Type EP

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2018-10-19
Body Type - Body Type EP
Body Type - Body Type EP

The debut EP of upbeat, jangly pop from this Aussie quartet collects their earlier singles and adds a few new tracks that all beckon in the general direction of the Go-Go’s, The School, or Scottish toe-tappers Camera Obscura and Altered Images. ‘Palms’ will surely overcome you with an incredible dose of happy feet, ‘Teeth’ adds a pogo-tastic Mo-Dettes groove (and wait for the none-too-subtle ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ cop!), while ‘Silver’ has an intriguing crystalline guitar figure harkening back to early Felt. ‘Arrow’ ups the energy factor a few notches to downplay the cutesy element and suggests the gals can rawk out as needed.

It’s all sugar pop fizz and cotton candy gloss and a damn sight better than most of the new releases I’ve heard in a long time, including the more sedate dream pop of fellow Aussies, Earthlings. With the right push from a strong label or PR firm, these gals are poised to take off in 2019! In the meantime, you can catch them on tour beginning 3 November at their hometown venue, Manning Bar in Sydney.

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