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Haley - Pleasureland

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2018-10-12
Haley - Pleasureland
Haley - Pleasureland

Hopefully, the potential confusion with names will escape this achingly brief album. First is the name of the artist. Haley is Haley McCallum. As such, she is unknown to most, particularly since this would be her ‘debut’ album. Well, not really. She used to go under the name Haley Bonar, a singer/songwriter with connections with Minnesota’s own great Low and six previous albums under her belt.

Then there was a change of the album title at the last instance. Promo copies went under the name ‘Infinite Pleasure”, after two tracks on the album (Part 1 and Part 2) but in the end, the album is coming under the title Pleasureland. Whatever the reasons for these changes (McCallum is Haley’s grandfather’s last name), it should in no way overshadow what Haley has come up with in these 27 minutes or so of music.

What we get here is an all instrumental, piano-dominated affair, that ranges from echoed solo piano and sax (“Pig Latin”), neo-classical themes interspersed with electronic embellishments (“Credit Forever Part 2”), brilliant but very brief ambience (Infinite Pleasure Part 1) , squeaky electric guitar barging in (“Syrup”) to electric guitars taking the main role (“Infinite Pleasure Part 2”) .

In all that, there is a continuous sense of melody and musical consistency that make it sound like ‘a very late evening with Haley’, that when the music ends you feel you need to jump and clap for an encore. It isn’t coming. Unless you put Pleasureland on repeat. Something it truly deserves. At this moment it is hard to asses whether Haley will decide to permanently go all-instrumental, all of her previous six albums, particularly the last two under her previous last name, are quite accomplished. Frankly, with the all-instrumental music she has come up with on this album she should at least try a few more of these.


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