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Goatman - Rhythms

by Benjamin Lee Rating:8 Release Date:2018-10-12
Goatman - Rhythms
Goatman - Rhythms

Goatman is one member of Sweden’s mysterious collective, Goat – who draw on the traditional and contemporary worlds to create experimental music without the structure that denotes much western music.

Without hearing any Goat before, I’m sold on the sound – smouldering 1970s African rock fusion to get you in a groove. This album oozes authenticity with each song it tackles, laying down a mixture of Afrobeat, Jazz, Gospel and rock/reggae with aplomb. Goatman plays all the instruments and enlists a few other Swedes to help him on his merry way.

The opener “Jaam Ak Salam” delivers the energy and conviction a fired up Kuti clan member would be proud of. Afrobeat with an edge and this can be seen throughout the album – the edge being an obvious enjoyment in creating and delivering music they are passionate about. Keyboards, brass, guitars, and vocals take turns leading a tribal chant underpinned by agile bass and percussion.

The Hindi vocals of “Amerykhan” on the slower, moodier “Hum Bebass Nahin” help conjure a gritty urban sound, letting a fuzz guitar and then sax soar over the minimal groove. His ability to deliver songs that straddle the 1970s and the right now keeps both worlds fresh and appealing.

"Carry The Load” cracks on with a more spiritual Jazz feel – Amanda Werne adding vocals to some crazy sax and flute soloing. My favourite track, “Aduna” lets the electric guitar rip over some tight percussion, with fitting vocals by Seydi Mandoza from Senegal (also featuring on the opening track).

Fittingly, the final track "Baaneexu" deviates again – slow droning guitar and synth over a faint English voice builds slowly and then steadies and floats as if to settle the nerves of an anxious mob.

A well-crafted album that makes you think about each element of the sound and the variety within ensures you’re paying attention.

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