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Moontribe - Moontribe

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2018-09-28
Moontribe - Moontribe
Moontribe - Moontribe

These days there’s rarely a thing, or rather a piece of music that could be labeled as anonymous. I mean, you just open your Google page and presto! Something’s gotta be there. Well, to that effect, I wish you luck on this one - Moontribe by Moontribe.

What you can get is a ‘mysterious’ album by an ‘anonymous’ band. You can try their label’s page (Tel Aviv’s Fortuna Records), their PR agent, deep search… No Facebook, no Bandcamp, let alone Instagram. Frankly, it makes no difference, or sense, for that matter. If these guys (or girls?) went for another name, it wouldn’t have fit, since the accent seems to be on both the moon and the tribe.

Throughout the seven extensive jam numbers, you get the shamanic, beat-heavy side of psychedelia the one that could fit any ritual, from deep in Africa, through the Middle East, all the way to Haiti.
Percussion, keyboards, and synths seem to research yet another dark, often sinister side, giving another angle, another outlook at what goes on at night, as Death and Vanilla and Bohre Und der Club of Gore do from their own particular angles.

With track titles such as  “Moontribe”, “Moon Moon” and “Moontone”, the feeling you end up with is perfectly summed up by the closer, “Mesmerized”, because you get the feeling that the band is in its own psych trip, probably performing some kind of a ritual of their own.

Hoping it is nothing truly sinister because the music on this album is worth a listen. Still, without really knowing what is going on in the background, maybe it is better if these guys/girls remain anonymous.


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