Roky Erickson & Okkervil River - Love Cast Out All Evil

The king of psychedelia is back, with his first album in 14 years, Love Cast Out All Evil. Backed up by his band Okkervil River, Roky Erickson has produced a rough and ready offering. The album is largely comprised of unreleased material, which has been penned by Erickson over the years. Fans will enjoy this down to earth recording, which makes you feel as if you are there with the band, tape recorder at the ready.

'Devotional Number One' kicks things off with a light airy feel; the only downside is the quality of the recording, but with these recordings being many years old, it isn't unexpected. Country in parts, soft rock in others and with one song resembling a messed up Bon Jovi song, this album is a far cry from Erickson's psych past in 13th Floor Elevators. Fans young and old will hopefully enjoy the diversity of this album.

My personal highlight of the album is 'John Lawman', where Erickson sings about being a fictional character of the same name. Chugging guitars, keyboards and husky, attitudinal vocals, make this song stand up above the rest. 'Birds'd Crash' stands true to Erickson's psych roots, with floaty background music which will drift your mind onto another world.

Die-hard fans and music thirsty individuals will find this album intriguing, refreshing and nostalgic. An album which catalogues a life of electro-shock therapy, imprisonment and mental illness isn't standard in every release. I urge you to check this out for yourself and see what stories you can find in his songs.

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