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Operator Please - Gloves

Once a band goes through a line-up change, one usually expects a deviation from their previous material. And Aussie five-piece Operator Please are no exception. Breaking out with their debut album Yes Yes Vindictive in 2007, Operator Please attracted fans with their youthful energy and catchy hooks. As most of the band were still teenagers at this point, the message was to just have fun and dance like a maniac.

Now they have come of age with a more mature and serious tone. Although the songs still have that familiar energy, it has been reined in to create an album you can really listen to rather than cracking out your dancing shoes for. Don't get me wrong, there is still the occasional dancefloor filler in the shape of 'Volcanic'. A clap-along, bubblegum-pop number without any cheesy aftertaste, to remind you of just who you're listening to.

Lead single 'Logic' is by far the stand out track on this album. A forceful yet funky song that keeps your head in constant motion to an incredibly catchy bassline. In all, Operator Please have aged well and are quite content with writing music with meaning while not losing touch with their roots.

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