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The Molochs - Flowers In The Spring

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:7 Release Date:2018-09-07
The Molochs - Flowers In The Spring
The Molochs - Flowers In The Spring

If by this time of the year you would have the need to designate an archetypal indie rock album of 2018, then Flowers In The Spring, the sophomore release by L.A.’s The Molochs would be a strong contender. Ringing and jangly guitars all over, busy, but not overworked rhythm section and often detached vocals, like Peter Perrett of The Only Ones, one of the influences listed by Lucas Fitzsimmons, the band's leader.

Of course, this brings along all the influences Perret himself was under, like Dylan, solo Syd Barrett, and Loaded-era Velvet Underground, as well as the artists from the 80s, the period when Perret produced his best work - Nikki Sudden (to that effect, try the title track ) in all his incarnations and the cream of the crop from New Zealand’s Flying Nun records.

Still, archetypal doesn’t necessarily have to mean run of the mill, and in the case of The Molochs, it doesn’t. First of all, the band has the knack for good melody lines essential for this kind of music to work. They also stick by the principle that keeping things simple is the hardest thing to achieve, if you want your music to sound good. Another good knack, that a nifty lyric line helps too, and The Molochs know their way with words.

So what does the music on the album amount to? It amounts to music that is so in tune with the times it was made in, and while it reaches the borders of the extraordinary where the band’s influences lie (the acoustic, subtle strings-arranged “And She’s Sleeping Now” and “Wade In The Water” get closest to that line), it never truly crosses it.

Frankly, there should be no difference. The music you get on Flowers In The Spring is something that if ‘pure’ indie rock is your thing (and it should be) is something you can play with ease at any time.

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