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The Pull of Autumn - The Pull of Autumn

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:7 Release Date:2018-08-24
The Pull of Autumn - The Pull of Autumn
The Pull of Autumn - The Pull of Autumn

Collectives seem to be quite a thing these days in modern music. Most of the time, it is a group of musicians that have crossed their paths one time or the other, doing the same, or working in close genres, quite often residing close to each other. On face value, and on the evidence of their self-titled album, The Pull of Autumn, yet another collective seems to be of the same mould.

Yet there’s a bit of a twist in the whole story. You see, there’s no ‘closeness’ as far as the location or the time scope in which the musicians joined to make this album. Daniel Darrow, who played with the Rhode Island late 80s to late 90s cult band Johanna’s House of Glamour, originated the project. Luke Skyscraper, his key collaborator here comes ‘all the way’ from the British Isles and practically from a decade earlier, making a name for himself with new wavers Fashion, while probably the best-known name here is Fred Abong, an early member of Throwing Muses, and co-founder of Belly. The trio is joined by a cast of musicians, with Skywalker doing most of the vocals, along with Jeanne Batting (of Spindle Shanks), while the vocals on the closer “elusive Love” is by Darrow’s late wife Laura.

Actually, the mood The Pull of Autumn create here, has most to do with what can be characterised as a ‘4AD sound’, moody, semi-electronic pieces, somewhere between Talk Talk and Mark Hollis at his best and probably the best 4AD collective, This Mortal Coil. The sound is best exemplified by “They Came Down”, the elongated piece of vocals and electronics that can be also categorised as post-rock that really sets the mood of the album, and underlined firmly by “A Small Affair of the Heart”, done solely by Skywalker on classical guitar and Darrow on electronics.

What is evident is that The Pull of Autumn's key intention was to create a musical atmosphere, and they were not only able but also successful in doing so, coming up with something that will make that early morning transition from somnambulist state to facing the daily realities while the coffee is still brewing.


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