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Average Sex - Melodie

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:8 Release Date:2018-08-17
Average Sex - Melodie
Average Sex - Melodie

Less than a year after their impressive EP Ice Cream, London’s Average Sex is back with another four-pack EP Melodie, produced by The Charlatan’s Tim Burgess and released on his O Genesis Records label. Burgess has been a vocal supporter of the band going back to the first time he heard them.

The five members have picked up where the previous EP left off with plenty of chunky melodies, piercing riffs, and edgy, Elastica-esque snarky lyrics. The opening title has the sense of pop dynamics that could get it some airplay or perhaps a place on a hip movie soundtrack. The catchy “Ne’Moubile Pas” pauses briefly midway to ratchet things up into a careening force with well-placed chorus moments. Final song “U Suck” could well be the successor to the hilariously creepy “We’re Done” from Ice Cream with lyrics that again deal with twisted relationships. “Now it must end because you shagged my best friend. I hope she was worth the ride because you won't see me again” typifies the blunt, droll sense of lyrical humor that represents a cornerstone of the band’s appeal, while “Sociopath” showcases the surfy riffs and fuzzy chords that fuel this fun and addictive music that consistently satisfies.

Average Sex is a tight act with all the right pieces in the right places. I’m eager to hear a full-length album and think we’ll be hearing much more of them in the future.

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