Iggy Pop & Underworld - Teatime Dub Encounters

by Kevin Orton Rating:2 Release Date:2018-08-27
Iggy Pop & Underworld - Teatime Dub Encounters
Iggy Pop & Underworld - Teatime Dub Encounters

Iggy Pop and Underworld…It conjures up images of Iggy rocking Charon’s boat and riding Cerberus into the court of Hades and raising hell. Well, this EP isn’t called Teatime Dub Encounters for nothing. Somewhere on youtube there’s a clip of Iggy mocking techno music with tongue in cheek derision. But that’s all this is, musically. Some dork pressing a button and letting it beat box for him. On top of it, we have Iggy reminiscing about smoking on airplanes in the 70’s and snorting too much coke and losing a stewardess’ phone number. Deep shit.

‘Trapped’ is more like it and might have made an interesting song if it weren’t trapped in dull, repetitive techno trappings. But perhaps, that's the point. “Bring on the screaming babies! Bring on the screaming ladies,” Iggy implores. Iggy, I can feel your pain. Here the techno works. Because it’s not only a trap but the most unimaginative, lazy and pedestrian musical accompaniment ever known to mankind.

‘I’ll See Big’ is more ruminative, with Iggy reminiscing about his old pals, the Stooges and how they were at odds with his demands and ambitions. It’s all a bit redundant in light of ‘The Dum Dum Boys’ off The Idiot. Musically, 'Big' is dull witted canned crap in comparison. But some warmth and wisdom shines through in Iggy’s musings. The EP concludes with the ridiculous and silly, ‘Get Your Shirt’. It just makes you wonder why people bother putting this nonsense out. Who’s going to listen to it more than once? This is basically an interview with a boom box beating off in the background. I love Iggy and of course, and it's worth a chuckle but nothing you want to shell out a couple of bucks for. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of Iggy curios out there far more worth your time and money. Like his tune for the soundtrack to the flick, Gold or ‘I Dig Your Mind’ from the short-lived TV show Vinyl. Or even his stellar duet with Francoise Hardy. Seek that stuff out and don’t fret too much about missing out onTeatime.

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