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Amari - Poweri

by Paul Downey Rating:2 Release Date:2010-07-05

The seventh album from dance double act Amari fails to hit the right note, with potentially good dance songs seemingly lost within devoid and somewhat bizarre lyrics. Right from opener 'Your Kisses' you can hear a good dance track with excellent instrumental arrangements, but for lack of a better phrase the lyrics are plain woeful. "Your kisses taste like the future" - well if this is the future I don't want to hear it quite frankly.

Bizarrely enough, the only highlights of this record are the final tracks, of which two are remixes of 'Your Kisses'. 'Suffer with Style' keeps the empty lyrics to a bare minimum, and settles into a laid back groove which recalls early 80s keyboard dance, but its funky groove pulls it through. 'Your..' is turned into a house stomper by Blatta and Inesha in the final track, with the track seemingly reaching some of its potential, safe to say the lyrics are drowned out by the beats.

Tuzo makes the song a more standard dance track with accessible beats. As I am sure you are sick of hearing, the rest of the record really suffers from its bizarre themes and poor lyrics. With tracks such as 'Chupacabra' and 'Tiger', which are completely in their own world, just not in a good way. There are no stories on this record for the listener to relate to, sometimes that is a good thing but certainly not here.

There is an attempt at creativity on 'Preservatiri..' which is sung all in French, which is probably a blessing in disguise here as we can't understand the words even more. 'Girls on Vodka' is a tribute to the female of the species losing their inhabitions after one too many mixers. It is a bit more of a rockier sound for Amari, but again the lyrics let it down: "finally she knows my name, but it's like I'm Kurt Cobain"... I know, strange.

It's a case of what might have been for Amari here, it would certainly have been interesting to hear an instrumental version of this effort. Back to the drawing board folks.

Paul Downey

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