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AD.UL.T - A Dainty Bit

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:6 Release Date:2018-07-13
AD.UL.T - A Dainty Bit
AD.UL.T - A Dainty Bit

Ethan and Brian, two guys from Massachusetts that go under the name of AD.UL.T are certainly not exactly a known quantity, after all, they have only two EP’s under their belt, and A Dainty Bit is that sophomore thing where you decide where you want to go with your music.

As it seems the duo are up for authenticity - they recorded all the instruments live in the studio, with only the vocals being remixed. Obviously, the idea is to keep that live feel going. It is basically bass and drums and I’m sure that being on the younger side, Ethan and Brian are of the idea that they are doing something quite original.

They could be, of course, but they are not there yet. First of all, it has been done before. If they don’t want to go as far back as the early 80s and search online for a Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia duo Disciplina Kicme (they even spent some time in the 90s in London), Death From Above 1979 were coming up with similar stuff not so far back.

Still, not that Ethan and Brian are not trying and that solid traces of talent are not there, it is just that these four tracks just breeze by in less than ten minutes without making the strong mark the cover indicates. But those traces of talent and inspiration are there and there is a solid chance AD.UL.T could become an adult (musically speaking) after all.

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